TYLOO Wins Dreamhack Marseille Asia Qualifier

by Earl Carlo Guevarra

TYLOO qualify for yet another International tournament

After multiple days of intense matches, the sole Asian representatives to Dreamhack Masters Marseille 2018 has finally been determined. The closed qualifier featured teams such as BOOM.ID, Signature, NASR Esports, MVP PK, Eclipse, B.O.O.T-dream[S]cape, and eventual finalists, Tainted Minds. All teams made their way through their respective regional open qualifiers, aside from Singapore’s B.O.O.T-dream[S]cape, who were directly invited to the closed portion of the qualifier.

Chinese powerhouse TYLOO earned their slot to France after beating Australia’s Tainted Minds, 2-0, in the grand finals of the closed qualifiers.

The map pool was narrowed down to three maps, with the Chinese picking up Cobblestone, the Australians getting Cache, and Inferno as the decider map of the series.

The first map on Cobblestone was practically a blowout for the Chinese side, as they hammered down on the Australians to get an 11-4 lead in the first half. The second half breezed past, as Tainted Minds were only able to get one round. As a result, TYLOO closed Cobblestone with a 16-5 scoreline.

The second map on Cache saw a close first half between the two teams as the Chinese succeeded in disrupting TM’s economy, securing a slight 8-7 lead at halftime. However, the second half saw a completely different story as the Australians made multiple successful entries, allowing them to win their map pick at 16-12, bringing the series to map three.

The final map saw Tainted Minds displaying a strong performance on their CT side; despite a couple of blunders towards the end, they were able to end it with a firm 10-5 lead. However, TYLOO were able to compose themselves and string round after round to make the comeback, finishing the map with a bittersweet 16-14.

The finalists had their own respective roads to the grand final, with TYLOO beating BOOM.ID (16-5 on Train, 16-7 on Cobblestone) and domestic rivals, Eclipse (16-2 on Cobblestone and 16-10 on Inferno) along the way. Meanwhile, the Australians dispatched Signature (16-8 on Cache and 16-12 on Cobblestone) as well as B.O.O.T-dream[S]cape (16-7 on Mirage and 16-9 on Cache) to secure their grand final slot.

The DreamHack Marseille Asian Closed Qualifiers was played in an online BO3 single-elimination bracket. TYLOO will go on to represent the continent on April 18-22 at the Le Dome de Marseille, France for a chance to win the lion’s share of a US$250,000 prize pool. Astralis, mouseports, SK Gaming and G2 Esports are among the teams that TYLOO will face in the upcoming tournament.

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Cover photo courtesy HLTV.ORG

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